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Blending is better because it helps you get the nutrients you need on the go. When you blend real whole fruits and veggies, you absorb more essential nutrients to keep your energy up and your metabolism humming.

That's why our Super Blend Smoothies are hand-crafted for the optimal balance of protein, fiber and healthy fats so you can fuel your life with that special blend of fun, adventure, and energy that makes YOU an even better YOU.

And with Jamba®'s
commitment to
No Pumps, No Purees, No Turbinado
you get all of the good and none of the guilt. Because you deserve the best and life is better blended.

Blending Loves Company

Jamba® has partnered with celebrity trainer, nutritionist and bestselling author of The Body Reset Diet Harley Pasternak to craft each of our Super Blend Smoothies.

Apples 'N Charge

with apple, banana, greek yogurt, milk, pumpkin seeds, honey and cinnamon

Apples 'n Charge

2 Servings of Fruit in a Small

25g Protein • 5g Fiber

Tastes like it sounds – ripe and juicy apple flavor, balanced to perfection with a natural supply of protein and antioxidants with every refreshing sip.

Pumpkin Protein

With almond milk, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, chia seeds and whey protein

Pumpkin Protein

An excellent source of vitamin A & fiber

23g Protein • 5g Fiber

A healthy twist in a classic fall treat, this hearty blend is packed with protein to keep you feeling fuller longer.

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