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That’s why we're Teaming Up with celebrities, business partners, community groups, schools, and you to help improve our nation’s health, inspiring children to eat right and get active.

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We can't fight the good fight alone.

Join Jamba and as we Team Up for Healthy School Gardens! This year we will offer 52 grants in two cycles. Our second grant cycle is now open to gardens in the Phoenix area! 

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All the cool kids gettin' healthy!

Healthy Tips For Kids

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Have fun getting healthy!

  1. Want a healthy dessert? Make popsicles out of blended fruit!
  2. Games like hide and seek and tag are not only fun, but can help you live a long, long time. Make sure to play games that include physical activity at least 30 minutes per day!
  3. Thirsty? Reach for water, juice, or a smoothie instead of a soda and get a BOOST from natural energy. Check if your smoothie and juice is made from 100% fruits + veggies!
  4. Your body needs nutritious foods and beverages to grow and stay healthy. Reach for fruit instead of chips or candy when you snack.
  5. Add a green vegetable to your lunch or dinner plate as often as you can. Smoothies that include green vegetables are surprisingly great-tasting.

Healthy Tips For Parents

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It all starts with you!

  1. Cooking with your family is a great way to teach your kids about healthy eating, while ensuring they get enough fruits + veggies and other nutritious food.
  2. Getting enough sleep is just as important as staying active! A non-screen bedtime routine, like reading a book or telling stories, is important for the entire family.
  3. Family fun time gets a boost from physical activity. Walk the dog as a family, or find a local park to play tag or other active games – or just go for a walk outside together.
  4. February is National Heart Health Month. Take a step towards heart health, like reducing your sodium intake on a few days, or swap out refined grains for whole grains for a week.
  5. Children usually do not make the choices on which foods or drinks are available to them. By limiting the amounts of unhealthy snacks or beverages in your school or home, you can ensure that they will eat things that are better for them.

Healthy Tips For Schools

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Foster a healthy environment!

  1. Kids perform better in academics and sports when they have breakfast. Making the school cafeteria a fun place where kids can begin the day will help inspire them to eat breakfast.
  2. With constant budget cuts and time constraints, schools often struggle for health and sports classes. Have kids join Team Up For a Healthy America to help educate them on healthy living.
  3. When weather permits, consider occasionally holding a class outside in the fresh air.
Small changes have a big impact Small changes have a big impact