Jamba Parents

Being a parent and keeping your kids active and eating right is challenging. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Jamba Kids; meals are perfect for parents looking for tastier alternatives that can still have your kids saying YUM!

Kids meals you can feel great about.

Jamba Kids meals are specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of kids eight and under. You can always count on them to be an excellent source of protein and to contain at least two and a half servings of fruits (or fruits and vegetables) and a full serving of whole grains.

Developed with the help of the expert nutritionists on the Healthy Living Council, Jamba Kids Meals take into account the expert advice of professionals like Elizabeth Ward and Kathleen Zelman. Watch their videos on kids’ nutrition in the Healthy Living Council section.

For more specific, item-by-item nutritional information be sure to browse the Kids Meal menu.

Jamba Keeps Mealtime
Fun & Easy

Parenting sure can be a challenge. On top of getting the kids to soccer on time and in uniform, and hoping they remember to say please and thanks, you’ve got to help them make the right eating choices. Many a day, this can be a decidedly uphill battle. That’s why it’s important to lay the foundation early and make it fun to eat right and be active!

To help build nutritious habits, Jamba has created the Jamba Pals – four cute little fruit characters here to inspire kids to stay active and learn about good eating habits. Check out these wise, playful friends in the Jamba Kids Play Zone to see how.