Jamba fundraising

Looking for a fun and delicious way to raise Money? Jamba Juice makes it easy with multiple fundraising options that are perfect for your organization. Get started today!

Fundraising Events

Ditch the lemonade stand and get with the smoothie stand. Jamba will deliver smoothies to your door, staff your event, take care of collecting money and even promote your event!

A percentage of the sales generated at your event are donated to your organization, and we take care of everything – we don’t even need kitchen facilities or power outlets, so you can have your fundraiser wherever you want. It’s an easy way to raise money and have fun!

Call or email a Jamba Juice fundraising coordinator at 866-Jambago (866-526-2246) or fundraising@jambajuice.com to find out more or to schedule your fundraiser. Or, if you prefer, feel free to talk to your local Jamba store manager.