Jamba Kids

The Jamba Pals are always ready to jump on a board, shoot some baskets or score a few goals, and they want you to play too!

Meet the Jamba Pals!


Woo-hoo! I’m Ollie, and skateboarding is just a part of how I roll… First, I always eat a good breakfast (thanks Mom) Then I jump on my board and ZIP to the park so I can play with my friends. You should totally come!


Hi there! I’m Patches and I love playing soccer. The running takes lots of energy, so I eat all the healthy stuff my parents give me. They're cool, so they make sure it tastes good. It’s my secret power for scoring goals. Don’t tell anyone!


Aloha kiddos, I’m Shades! When I surf, it’s like I’m walking on water. Plus, I get to be at my favorite place – the BEACH! The sun, sand and waves make it the perfect playground. Come hang ten with me and we’ll cool off with yummy smoothies.


Hey Kids! I’m Nettie and I play hoops. That’s what basketball players call basketball. My Dad says I’m a natural cause I was born bouncy. But he’s weird. I practice my shot, eat my veggies and have fun. Hey, you should be on my team!

Adventure Blender

Join the Jamba Pals as they play all over the world! Pick your favorites and get them ready with everything they need to have an awesome time wherever they go.

Play Now!

Coloring Book

Print off pictures of the Jamba Pals and color them however you like. What are you and your new friends going to do today? Your imagination is the limit.